What We Offer

Primarily, we offer short term finance. Where we differ from other similar businesses, however, is that we also have options for short term credit for people who would struggle to get cash injections from elsewhere.

That’s right, we can offer fast cash for people with bad credit.

As you are probably well aware by now, we do not have the same philosophy as some of the more traditional finance outlets when it comes to previous financial history.

We are not naïve when it comes to thinking that everyone who is good with money has an untarnished credit record. Instead, we know that even the most cautious of spenders can come into difficulty and those are the very people we aim to help – people with an imperfect credit file, but who still need assistance to get back on track. Prime borrowers are great, but we know that there are many, many people out there who often get left stranded as they don’t fit into this category.

The service that we provide suits borrowers with ‘poor’ credit down to the ground. The reason we are able to help both prime borrowers and those with a poor credit history is that we are affiliated with a whole array of different lenders – each of which have different criteria and different ideas of who they want to lend to. Sure, we have lenders who will only lend to people who have a tip-top credit rating and who have never once missed a payment, but we also have lenders who only lend to people who struggle to get finance anywhere else. No matter what your circumstances, our service and the links we have to varying lenders, can help.

The application process is extremely straight forward and a decision is given promptly. There’s no charge for applying on this site and there are no hidden costs or fees either.

To put it simply, our service is in tune and in line with what people need. We offer a bank of lenders that all have different criteria, which means customers have a much higher success rate with us than with other service providers.

We offer cash quickly and effectively, and help to prevent financial catastrophes.